Hear it From a German Pastor:

Please watch the following 5-minute video as German Pastor stands up to political correctness for the Gospel. Pastor Olaf Latzel in Bremen, northern Germany stands up for the Gospel working through the Lutheran Church. This is what happens when you preach the truth through the State Church.


Which one is the Church?

In Germany, there is a whopping 1 percent roughly, that considers the Bible the inerrant word of God and being "born again" by the Holy Spirit through believing the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the only way to eternal life. This kind of Bible-believing church is referred to as "Freikirche" or church that is free from the state religious system.   

The Church

Outside of the state church there are many small non-denominational groups of believers that do not have a place of corporate worship, a pastor to lead, or even a core leadership team. Our family attended a worship service in a town nearby where a pastor had agreed to preach a 4-week series on Sundays in a rented space. This pastor lived an hour away, and worked during the week giving eulogies at a funeral home. What happens to the congregation during the week when spiritual counseling and encouragement through suffering is needed? This is just one example of the need for pastors and leaders in the church here in Germany.

Reformation Fire Gone Cold

Germany recently celebrated the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther's 95 Theses being nailed to the door at the church in Bad Wittenberg. Since then, the Protestant church has gone cold in its passion to keep faithful to the truth of God's word, instead bowing a knee to the agenda of political correctness. A curious fact is that Luther spoke a dialect that had minor importance in the German language of that time. After the publication of his Bible translation, his dialect evolved into what is now standard modern German.  

Religious Pluralism

Many Europeans have noticed that atheism, and humanism are not able to answer life's basic questions. Unfortunately this has not led them to trust in Jesus as the only way to eternal life, John 14:6. There are many non-Christian religions that have been gaining traction as they offer the ability to continue living self-governed lives, as well as correctly navigating the shifting sands of what society regards as right and wrong. The idea of all-inclusiveness is attractive to the post-Christian tolerant society, yet stands in stark opposition to the exclusive claims of Jesus Christ.


After Communist China, the continent of Europe has the next greatest concentrations of atheism on the planet. That again can be attributed to communism, through the former Soviet occupation of Eastern Europe, and more specifically in the former East Germany. The wall may have fallen over 30 years ago, however, there is a remaining spiritual "Iron Curtain" that has been ingrained in the spirit of so many people here in the Germany of today.


Germany experienced what the world referred to as a "refugee crisis" beginning in 2015. Over a period of roughly 3 years, over 1.3 million people seeking social, political, and economic refuge found themselves in Germany. A vast majority of these people are Muslim, coming from war-torn regions in the Middle East, and from Northern Africa. Most Muslims were amazed at the level of immorality that existed in promiscuous Europe, claiming to be Christian by nature. Many have come to a false understanding of what it means to be a Christian and are continually adapting and integrating into the godless culture here.