About Germany (Deutschland)

Sorry, Germans don't call it Germany, they call it Deutschland (Doi-ch-land). 

  • Population

    83 million people living on a plot of land the size of Montana, wow, that's a lot of people! (Montana has just over 1 million people by the way) Over one million of those people came here fleeing areas of war, or poverty during a mass exodus from the Middle East, and North Africa beginning in 2015.

  • No Brexit Here!

    Germany will not be leaving the European Union anytime soon like the U.K. It is the strongest and central economy of the EU and partners very strongly with other central governments in the union. Politically, Germany is more liberal than the U.S. with a higher tolerance on controversial issues such as homosexuality, sex before marriage, and abortion. Education and healthcare are socialized. 

  • A Broken Past...

    Obviously, this is the idea that comes to mind for many when they think of Germany. Since WWII, Germany has come to be known as one of the most pacifist nations in Europe. However, in recent years far-right parties have been challenging the "memory culture of guilt". They have been polarizing the culture, challenging policies helping refugees. This political movement can be witnessed in several areas of the culture today.

  • We Are the Champions!

    Germany has a deep affection for the game of Soccer (fussball) and it shows in their winning record at many levels. At a national level, Germany has one of the most competitive and popular leagues in the world (Bundesliga). At the international level, they hold 3 European titles as well as four world titles in the World Cup (Weltmeister). 

  • The Art of German Engineering

    Germans are known for their meticulous attention to detail. You can really feel the quality of a lot of products made, and purchased here in Germany. This becomes obvious when looking at the quality of many cars, especially BMW's made here in Bayern- "Bayerische Motoren Werke"